Essay About Economical Problems in Indonesia

Indonesia is a developing island nation. As a developing nation, it must have many problems in many aspects. Problem in government, social problems, economical problems, ot political problems. The economicy is the important thing for the nation, because if the economically of one nation was good as a result is wealthy society. Many cause of economical problems in Indonesia take an effect to many society and many aspects.

The most ecoomical problems which shown in Indoensia is corruption. It cause from the government that not explicit on handle this problems. Corruptor was not punished extremely by the government. It makes the corruptor was spread among the coutry in many district. More and more corruption case on Indonesia makes the society can’t raise their bussiness to get their daily needed. The effect is many people in Indonesia was poor, and proverty were raising.

Other problems in economical of Indonesia is inflation. It caused by the bank cadging money more much than the things that own in the market or the society. Many people have a money but the things were limited. It makes the seller raising the price of the things to get more provit and because the needed of things was big but they hard to get the things to fulfill the needed of the society. More limited the things, more higher the price. And finally the inflation was happen.

The centerization of economical in Java is the other economical problems in Indonesia. This make all the production and distribution just centered on Java. Its hard to get many things in out of Java. The price in the market out of Java was high. Infrasturcture in out of Java was late too. Is not improving. The job in there were limited, not every people get the job. The effects is the society was not wealthy. They hard to find a job and get the job, also they hard to get the things to fulfill their needed.

Corruption, money spreading, and centralization of the economical has made a problems in Indonesia. It caused many effects such us proverty, inflation and the developing of the city was not spread evenly and make the society was not wealthy enough. We hope the government should face the problems and solves it to make Indonesia as a better nation and should be prouded by the word.

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