Essay About Happiness

Can you live without happiness? Happiness is kind of feeling that make us feel more enjoyed the life. Everyone wants to be happy as long as their life in the world. With the happiness we can did anything easier than anyone who doing something with a heavy heart. But, happiness does not always come all the time because sometimes we feel sad, anger and didn’t enjoy the life. So, we must know what makes us happy. There are 3 reasons something make me happy, I’ve got much money from my parent, I’ve got an attention from the people who I love, and doing something funny.

I’m always happy if I’ve got much money from my parents. When the new month appears, this is the best time for me to get much money from my parents. My parents always give me money in the first week. They give me money to fulfil my needs to live in Semarang and paid my boarding house. Sometimes they give me more than budget that I’ve got in last month for the extra budget. But sometimes they give me more to add my pocket money. For example, if I had a paper or some photocopies to my material course, my parents always give me extra money, and I want to buy something else such as: bag, clothes or shoes. If they didn’t give me money, my lives will nothing.

Second reason that makes me happy is I’ve got an attention from the people who I love. I have a lot of people who I love. My mother, my father, my two little brothers, my grandmas, my whole family, my friends, and especially my boyfriend, they are people that I’d loved until now and forever. When I miss them, I always call them by send a SMS, make a calling, send messages and wrote on the wall in Facebook. My family sometimes comes to Semarang to look in on me, my friends always accompany me when I feel lonely and cheer me up, and my boyfriend always call me, chat in Facebook/Yahoo Messenger even we have a conversation in web camera. The conclusion is getting big love from my beloved people makes me the most happily people in the world.

The third things that make me happy are doing something funny. I like to treat my friends even my boyfriend. I like to huge them tightly until they can’t breath and usually they kick me or punch me. Sometimes when they didn’t notice with their things in their bag or pocket, I’ll pick their things and hide it. Make my friends being annoyed because of my behaviour sometimes can make me laugh and this is funny things. We laugh each other because our behaviour sometimes is strange. So, I’ll do something silly moreover crazy to make my bad mood become a good mood.

The above three reasons such as got much money, got an attention, and doing something silly, make me feel that life is more interesting and full of a happiness. Those reasons are one kind of things that make people happy. Without happiness, you have no good quality in your life. Because of happiness, your problem can be cured and you can solve the problem more clearly. And you should find a way to make you happy in your own, because everybody has their own way to make them happy.

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