Essay About Love

Love is a kind of heart feeling that care and want to make someone happy and take care of them. Many people must be know this kind of feeling, and they have somebody who loved one. Love may be shown not only for one person but also many persons. You should love your family, your friends, or maybe you girl/boy friends. But for someone special it has a different kind of love. This love makes you happy but sometimes not. There are positif effects and negative effect of loving someone special for you but you could manage it if these are made you feels not comfortable.

Loving someone special is bring positive effect for you so we could enjoy our life with our couple. It makes you happy and always brings you happiness, because when you love someone and then you see his/her smile you will be happy too. Its kind of nice feeling, you feels warm when you see your happy face of your beloved one although he/she isn’t yours. It brings you many sweet memories, especially when both of you had a date. You’ll remembering him everytime, you couldn’t demolish her/his face from your mind. Loving your special ones makes you feels energize everytime, it brings you a power to enjoy the day. When you sick or have a problem with something your power is come back to you when you besides him or when you see her/his smile. You will feel motivate too, or maybe you’ve get a motivation from your beloved one. It is nice to you because he/she makes you strong again to face the problem. Or if you had not a problem she/he motivate you to be a better person than before. These are the good effect for you to love someone who special.

The negative effect of loving someone commonly show in every partnership. Longing, stressful on economicaly, time commitment, depression, and broken heart are always happen when you love someone. Everytime you remembering him, you longing him when she/he was far away from you, you miss him very much and its not good for you because you’ll not focused on your other activity that you must do. You spent a lot of time with your partner, until you run out of you time for yourself. Because both of you always want to do everything together. If one of you was in the same city and doing everthing together you will have no time for yourself, but if one of you are far away you’ll longing him. Until its make you had a depression, because you tired of what both of you did together. If this happen a disspute will appear on your relationship and if both of you couldn’t handle its finally you’ll broke your heart. These are very give you a negative effect for your life when you loving someone.

The relationship will be last forever if both of you can manage everything that maybe its sometimes appear on you. First is you must develop love schedule, you and your partner arrange the activities that will you two do together and you doing by yourself. Both of you must agree about the time and understand each other that you must have a time for yourself. Second, keep focus on the positive, it mean that you must positif thinking and take the positive effects only. You should think that the purpose you have a relationship is to make you be a better person. Third, prioritize what is urgent and important to you and not, and your partner must understand these prioritize. For example, when you and your partner has made an agreement to dinner/ have a date but suddenly your family calls you that your mother/your family relation are sick you should go and canceled the promises, your partner must understand this situation. When it happen to your partner, you must understand him too. Fourth, you should make an agreement about money spend. In the begin of relationship you have to do this, because this is the vital problems. Don’t make your partner defisit and conversely your partner make you defisit. You can pay many things alternately. The last is develop a mutual understanding, this is very important to you to understand your partner each other. Know him better to understood who is the real him. Understand the condition of your partner, don’t force everything that you want to him, moreover the things that can’t be true because of your partner’s condition. This applies to both of you.

Although loving someone gives you a negative and positive effects we should manage it to make our relationship long-lasting. Feels happy, motivite, energized and memories does not enough if there are no another effects that made you longing, stressful, depression, lost many times, and broken heart. Its all will be alright if we know how to manage it, make a schedule, make many agreement in both of you, understanding each other and should know the priority. Loving someone will be a nice feeling and never been dissapear from your memories. Because it has a different feeling from loving a family or a friends. And Love is kind of heart feeling that many people seacrh for a happy life.

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