The Untold Story

This is one of the stories that I’ve never told to anyone. The stories that starts from bottom of my heart. We end our story one week ago. At beginning it seems easy to erase the memories, it would be easy to eliminated someone from my secret place. And yes it was easy, because they are beside me, push me from my back, hold me tightly. They talk about it, they talk about that and those were realizing me that I have no wrong with him. The differences are commonly appears to someone when they are in a relationship. It’ll be easier for them to keep it when they can accepted every little thing that messing around. No judging, no pushing, no forcing. Forgiving and loving makes them stronger. But, what the meaning of doing everything that never been accept? When someone give you the whole thing in their life -till makes everyone near you know that you are not ok- but you throw it out and that person just saw you in one side? The id drives you, and you uses the name of ego to give you a permission to do that, without the superego controls you.

And now, everything has changed. Changed to be back from zero when I’m not know you. But keep all the memories on the right place. Something missing, but that will not coming back and never allow me to accept.

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