TVアニメ「Free!」EDテーマ -「SPLASH FREE & Water Surprise」Lyric Translation

Make us free na splash kasaneta!!!!!!

Yeah water is gay -_- but i dun care cause I LOVE IT!!!!!

Doropyan's World

CoverCD Title:  TV Anime FREE! ED Theme – SPLASH FREE


  2. Water Surprise /歌: (七瀬遥 & 橘真琴)

七瀬遥 (Nanase Haruka) – 島崎信長(島﨑信長) (Shimazaki Nobunaga)
橘真琴 (Tachibana Makoto) – 鈴木達久 (Suzuki Tatsuhisa)
葉月渚 (Hazuki Nagisa) – 代永翼 (Yonaga Tsubasa)
竜ヶ崎怜 (Ryuugazaki Rei) – 平川大輔 (Hirakawa Daisuke)
松岡凛 (Matsuoka Rin) – 宮野真守 (Miyano Mamoru)

Lyrics:こだまさおり (Kodama Saori)
Composer and Arrangement:

  1. 渡辺泰司(Watanabe Yasushi)
  2. 山口朗彦(Yamaguchi Akihiko)

Translation Notes/Colour Code:

Colour coding is as above in the artists section as well as the following. When there’s more than 1 person singing, I’ll be alternating the colour of the phrase. Hopefully it’s not confusing @w@ Everyone singing will just be black xD

When I was trying to figure out who’s singing which part in SPLASH FREE, Tattsun, Wing and Mamo are really easy to pick out since their singing voices are unique but Zakki and HiraDai…haha…

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