Seriously, what do you want guys???

“You never loved them in the very beginning. You just need them as your self-fulfillment, and that’s not what people called love. Please you have to distinguish between love and lust or someday you will forget about me just like what you did to the others.” You said, while looked at me right in my eyes. It’s deep, and once again I couldn’t reply his words.

“Why are you quite all of sudden?”

“Nah, just thinking why you said the same things like the others.”

“See…” His eyes were full of disappointment. “I’m not a thing, we are not a thing, and you can’t just use us like we are all your belongings. Yes you feel jealous whenever there is a girl around me, or when I didn’t reply my messages as soon as I could, but that’s not enough for you to shows that you love me. All of the people can do that without love. Your possessiveness isn’t a proof to that.”

“So what do you want?” I asked bluntly.

And just like the others, they just go in silence. Leave me behind in questions.

If that’s not love, so what is love????

The same questions for I don’t remember how long, without any answers, or I did not get the answers yet, just not yet. Maybe someday I will understand how to truly love someone. Maybe, when the right man comes, in the right time. And I’m still waiting here~~ like always.

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