Why do I have to be addicted to nail art?

Black and White Nail Design is Life

When we are talking about nail designs, black and white nail designs never get old. This color combination is perfect for many occasions. It may be classic, but still chic and glamorous. It also can be used in many variety events. For casual attire, a simple black and white nail design is perfect for you. When you add some ornaments on it, it will make your cute little black dress looks awesome for party. Looking for nail art ideas for your business attire? This color combination is the best answer because it makes you look wild, strong, and beautiful. Here are some pretty designs for your nails that still easy for you to do it yourself.

  1. Simple Black and White Stripes

bnw nail design5


Who does not love stripes? And it is combined with black and white color, perfect choice for your casual events with your casual attires. Black and white nail designs with stripes always are someone favorite because it is easy to be done. No tools or prior experience to nail this easy DIY nail art idea for beginners. First thing you should aware before nailing is use liquid nail tape peel off. It helps you clean your skin near nails area so it does not look messy. White nail polish used as base, then put some nail vinyl or tape after the white coat to make the stripes design. If you sure you can paint your nails neatly, as if you are an artist who used to paint, the vinyl is not necessary for you. After the stripes –with your own designs- are done, peel off the liquid nail from your skin around the nail area. Apply the top coat so that it will last longer. Looks simple but everyone is going to love it.

  1. Pearl Ornaments Black and White Design

 bnw nail design6.jpg

Glitters and pearls are identity of glamour. It is not complete for you to go to a party before applying this pretty and amazing nail art idea. When the simple black and white nail design paired with pearls and beads ornament, the nail art looks absolutely ravishing. Make sure you clean the nail surface area before nailing. Any dirt will make your arts failed because it blocks the substance to not adhere perfectly. After you done with the polishing, strippings, and designing your nails, add some beads, glitter, or pearls on top of your nails with nail glue. With the right combo, this look could be appropriate for all year around, whether for you to do a party or to do some business meetings.

  1. Black and White Matte

bnw nail design3.jpg

Matte is our best friend now. People always use the matte look, from makeups to accessories. This is definitely a great idea if you want to appear as an elegant woman to work. To make it easy, try to find matte liquid polish. This nail polish helps you making over your shiny look into matte look. Instead of using only black-matte nail polish as a nail coat. There is a popular product which you can choose and use to make your nail polish matte. Still doubt to apply black and white nail design with matte look? Go classy and be awesome with it.


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