The Dog’s Karma

I didn’t think he’ll get one.

My brother said to me that only for those who’s have faith in God and do good things to people will get karma so that when they die God’s already lessen their sins or whatever it is. That’s why whenever I heard about him get karma, I wasn’t sure that he did. All of his acts playing innocent weren’t a new thing for me. When finally every girls that he had “dated” believed in what I say, this was my victory.

Now, they liked to give me their information about him for free, I mean I never asked, they just told me like it’s something usual, gossip. And I just had to listen to it like “hmm”, “well he’s always like that”, “no wonder”, “that’s so predictable”, “yeah I heard that a lot”, “nah, he never crossed my mind again so I can’t give you any more advice”, and something like that. Seriously, talked about him will never stop if I didn’t try to change the topic. How many times did I have to tell all of you that he’s always been like that for the rest of his life. Maybe it’s liked his nature to acted that way. Almost (not all of them) all of his family thought that “those things” were not inappropriate, it such a common thing, lying, cheating, playing innocent.

Idk what’s more I had to tell you guys, when your acts were always the same, welcomed him with open hands without think twice and in the end I had to hear you complained about his attitude to you. Which one is actually being a stupid? You or him? The answer depended on your act.

He was my dog, the worst one, but as one of his old master, I knew him well enough. The bad dog needed to be punished sooner or later.