The Wild Dog [Piece of SHIT]

He tried to hurt everyone, his old masters?

All of them..

When they came and talked, they told the story

The same stories from each of them

But they didn’t show the scar

When the dog was barked and they shouted

Who do you think should to be trust?

When you knew this thing for a long time, but you keep quiet

And finally you get all of the evidences

The dog starred, with his puppy eyes

They were screamed

How should I do?

The wild dog still biting, still barking, still playing, messed about anything

When the cat scratching, when the pig shitting, the wild dog biting with all of his might

He wanted it, because he liked it

Should I tamed him more? or I’ve done?

Just give me a reason 


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A Wild Dog [part.2]

He being familiar with me

Now, he was mine

My wild dog had a name now

I named him ‘Moi’, because he was dark

Cold but felt warm, warm but indifference

He was mine, but he still a wild dog

A Wild Dog

I’ve found a wild dog, it passed my yard several days ago

It’s kinda cute dog, because it was a wild dog

I was afraid being beaten, but I didn’t care

It’s bark, I approached

I stroke it, and then it jumped

Oh, it was a male dog

I knew, because of its beauty

He was happy, so I pet him

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