Ohisashiburi mina-san~

So here I am again, giving you a treat for those who thirst with my writing *lol yeah like anybody waiting for it* .. This article I wrote some time ago *I don’t remember when* and practically was send to someone but din’t get any response yet.. And after a while thinking about updating my blog, I got confused what I have to write since I write a lot about fanfics I’am into recently, I decided to post it to you guys, but please don’t take it too seriously cause you need a lot of time to think about it and all.

Enjoy bitches~~ ILY<3


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So now I guess, this is were we have to stand.
Did you regret ever holding my hand..
I won’t forget, please don’t forget us..

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The Hell Circle

I hate boys, but I have one
It’s easy to get them, to stole their hearts
Cause boys are stupid human beings

They search for new ones, when they have one
They leaves the old one, when they get the new ones
And it’s continously happen

Like the hell circle of live,
The revenge always shown
From the past of their life
For the future of their life

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