Who the fuck is Jaerocklady??

Some of my friends say that I’m a boy who stuck in girl’s body while some other says that I’m a crazy-cat-lady.

Let’s make it easier, I’ll put my 10 Facts about me here:

  1. I love myself more than anything in the world *take a NOTE abt that before you swallow everything you heard about me out there* , and my family comes second, and my HEROES comes third.
  2. Did you ever heard about “crazy little shit” or “evil mastermind”??? Duh, where the hell are you living, under a rock???
  3. I’m proudly admit myself as Fujoshi.
  4. I need to read lemon at least once a week or else I’ll go nuts.
  5. Who are my heroes? KIM JAEJOONG and my beloved Mr. S****** (Thank for your love and supports and everything especially for these two years. ILY the most!!!! Still you hold the record as the master of evil mastermind lmao)
  6. I’m an open person, you will find everything about me in one way, and you should or maybe already know about that. *The hell am I? an artist? pffttt*
  7. I hate revenge, GOD plays the part of it.
  8. I love travelling a lot, I’ll do everything that I can so I could travel at cheapest price. Like using people and act like an innocent-possesive-girlfriend, lol kidding. xDDD
  9. A crazy bitch when I’m hungry!!!
  10. Do you know what social media for? To trick people.

You get it? No?

Do you have a brain? Cause if you don’t have one, I’ll lend you part of mine.


Good day everyone~~~ GOD bless us all..

Published on April 28, 2015 at 2:47 PM  Leave a Comment  

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